Benefits of SSD Web Hosting

In this fast-paced digital world, online presence is everything. It is no longer enough for a business to simply have a website. It needs to be responsive, flexible, and effective when it comes to driving traffic. To achieve all of these things, you need a solid hosting service.

The benefits of SSD web hosting are numerous. It is safer, faster, and able to handle much larger data transfers. It is also great for hosting streaming tools.

This quick fire guide to some of the main benefits of SSD hosting will help you get to grips with the basics.

Quicker Transactions, Less Stress

As anybody who has ever placed an order online will know, there is always a chance of transactions running out of time before you’ve finished them. Fortunately, SSDs can be used to avoid this. They are significantly faster than hard disk drives (HDDs), so they are not as vulnerable to speed related problems.

As connection speeds are, in large part, determined by the website on which the content is being hosted, it means that any way to artificially boost it is an advantage for users. Consequently, SSD web hosting is the most suitable option for businesses that are looking to stay agile and please customers.

Improved Streaming

These days, it is very common for websites to contain streamable content. In fact, independent streaming companies have started to ruffle the feathers of conventional media providers, who are now offering users the chance to stream movies, TV shows, and other content.

Yet, streamable content will always be plagued by the risk of poor connectivity. If the connection is bad, the desired action may not be possible. This is frustrating for users and most are unlikely to stick with a company that shows no interest in finding solutions. The good news is that SSD storage and web hosting enable businesses to expand alongside increases in traffic, instead of being overwhelmed by them. This is a vital part of being able to compete with the wider market.

Reduced Heat, More Safety

SSD web hosting is substantially faster than the HDD options. If this weren’t enough, it is also a lot safer. These devices don’t contain any moving components, so they have the ability to read and write data (at incredible speeds) without producing any excess heat. This is hugely important for businesses, because overheating equipment is a major financial hazard.

Without moving parts, there is less surplus heat and this has a direct impact on the security of drives. For instance, they are much less likely to crash or meltdown. It is one benefit of using SSDs for web hosting that is often overlooked, but it can make a huge difference to the overall efficiency and productivity of hosting strategies.

Making the Right Choice for Your Business

Ultimately, SSDs are an appealing and valuable option for web hosting, because they offer a plethora of advantages. The biggest, however, is simply the fact that they create faster websites with the potential to capture more sales. It is an outcome that has been seen, time and time again, by businesses of all shapes and sizes.

iConductor Apache Server Module

iConductor was an Apache Server Module. With it was possible to develop new applications or host existing applications on your Apache server.
It had these features:

  • Connect to multiple remote servers, communicate between non-compatible systems
  • Manage information display
  • Automate session management
  • Create powerful e-commerce capability
  • Tour some of the capabilities of the iConductor Server Module with this online demonstration

    Unfortunately, this application has is no longer available.